Due to unprecedented times, instructed by the Government, we have had to temporarily close The Armoury. The good news is that we can still do fitness from our homes so we are helping in four ways:
A) Renting out our gym equipment to you - see the Instagram page for availability
B) Doing online classes everyday on Instagram Live and Facebook
) Fit from home document which is available to all members
D) Drop 1 in 31 via Zoom - if you’re interested please email thearmouryfitness@outlook.com 

We have no idea of when we will be allowed to re-open. You can of course cancel your membership, however, as we are a charity if too many people cancel (we have no software to freeze) then The Armoury might not be able to re-open when the Government instructs us it is safe to re-open. If you want to cancel, please email thearmouryfitness@outlook.com. 

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because the gym ought to be so much more

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As a society, we are starting to understand the benefits to mental health of improving physical health.  However, commercial gyms can be very macho places, which all but the fittest are put off from attending and little space is given to the overall wellbeing of the individual.  The Armoury is both a community gym and a wellbeing community.  It is about physical health but also seeks to create a culture which nurtures the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of those participating via: 
• encouraging interaction between members (not headphones)
• creating time and space for conversation and community (chill areas)
• welcoming, friendly and fun classes for all abilities
• socials to encourage belonging

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The Armoury Fitness Club is a holistic community gym in Cheltenham. The fitness club is located on Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham.  We provide an accessible and affordable service for all, whilst providing equipment, classes, community and training that allows for exceptional results holistically. We cater for all ages and abilities. 

Where are we located?
- 5 minute walk from the Brewery

- 5 minute walk from High Street

- 10 minute walk from Francis Close & Hardwick Campus

- 20 minute walk from Pittville Campus

Watch our gym tour to find out more

Sneak peak into an Armoury clas

There is unfortunately no parking on site, however, Pittville Park has four hours free parking. It is a 3 minute walk from the park.

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Class Timetable

Peter, 63

"We have just been in a class with 3 people and it was almost one-on-one - AMAZING"

06:30-07:00.         Live HIIT
18:00-18:30          Live Online Legs, Bums                                 & Tums (Instagram)


Morning.                Online HIIT (facebook)
12:15-13:00.         Live Full Body HIIT


12:00-12:30          Live Online Spin (Insta)
18:00-18:30          Live Online Legs, Bums                                 &Tums (Instagram)
19:00-19:30.        Live Legs, Bums & Tums

Morning.                Online HIIT (Facebook)
12:15-13:00.         Live Full body HIIT

06:30-07:00.         Live HIIT
18:00-18:30          Live Online Legs, Bums                                 &Tums (Instagram)

Morning                Online HIIT (Facebook)
12:15-13:00.        Live Legs, BUms & Tums

Naomi, 18

"I thought it was going to be too hard because my fitness levels are so low but it was SO good"

Bob, 58

"The way all the exercises have been picked to be tailored to our individual needs is GREAT"

Jack, 22
"It is a super relaxed atmosphere. I have been in gyms before and it's been really difficult to get that balance between working out and also being somewhere you feel comfortable to be. You're not expected to be an Olympic athlete"

Rachel's Story
“I’ve had a hard relationship with my body the past few years - I’m only just facing up to how much I hated my body for being overweight. About a year ago, I tried punishing it into change by telling myself I *HAD* to go to the gym, that I *HAD* to complete various exercises, that if I didn’t manage to, I would be a failure. It won’t come as a surprise to hear that this didn’t work. I couldn’t keep it up, and so I carried on hating my body and what it had become.
But now...now I am a month into going to gym classes 2-3 times a week, and I’m not leaving in tears anymore, I’m leaving happy. And I think it’s because I’ve stopped hating my body into change, I’ve started to love it a little bit. I’ve started to try to take care of it and allow it to move and grow and change slowly; I’ve stopped trying to jump every hurdle at once, and started just trying to turn up one day at a time. I’ve stopped exercising to make myself thinner, and started exercising to feel fit and healthy and because I actually *enjoy it*.

So today, I don’t hate my body. I love it, because tonight I can see that it is strong and powerful and flexible, and I am proud of it.

Shout out to The Armoury for creating the space that started all of this off.”


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