Class Descriptions

In our basement studio, we have 11 Spin bikes, a surround sound system and disco lights that creates an up-tempo, fun and vibrant atmosphere for spin. We journey with our members, starting at the beginner level and then advancing as the weeks go past. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Our spin classes are quicker than usual as we believe you can get a full workout in under 30 minutes. Each of our three members of staff (Jon, Jamie and Jonny) will be leading the classes. Rest assured, they are all spin qualified. We will be doing monthly “Special Spin Classes” that will focus on one theme such as a “Greatest Showman Spin Class”, so stay tuned!


In our gym, Jon will lead classes that follow a Circuit format. Essentially, members will spend 30 seconds on each station in the gym and rotate for the class. This will be a high intensity, full body workout. Jon will be guiding and correcting form throughout the workouts. Great for newcomers who do not understand all the aspects and machines of a gym. Also great for experience gym goers who want to add variety to their workouts.

                            PT Drop In

This is one of our Unique Selling Points. Three times a week you can experience a FREE Personal Trainer. This will take place in the gym and there will be one or two Personal Trainers at hand to answer questions and lead sessions. We want to educate and inform members on how to make fitness fun and fulfilling.


Soaking is 15 minutes of shutting your body down. Soaking consists of a room with no blue light, lying on yoga mats with relaxing ocean music in the background; whilst an instructor guides you how to turn off active muscles. It is a great way to start and end the day and have proven to be popular in our Bootcamps. As part of our holistic approach we feel these sessions go well following a Spin Class.


This is our version of Crossfit. In our basement studio we have 11 Weight bars with plenty of plates to have a class of 8-10 doing Xfitness. We will write our own “Workout of the Day (WOD)” that will involve full body functional movements that have made Crossfit so popular. Our instructor will then motivate, encourage and correct as the session progresses. We replicate a version of Crossfit, however, making it more accessible and cheaper for beginners.

                  Legs, Bums and Tums

This fan favourite allows members to feel a burn in their core, legs and glutes. This fun introductory class will take place in our Basement Studio and will be a great session to feel that sense of community that The Armoury creates. Very little use of weights, Jamie (our instructor) will use his imagination and his creativity to make this one of the funniest sessions you have been to.


Got too much energy before bed? Come and release all that energy in a high intensity workout class. This class will involve more cardio than most classes and will help to tone muscles. Short, sharp movements will allow you to continue to burn fat even after the session.

                            Stretch & Strengthen
Finally the perfect class to get ready for that Summer Body. Half the time working on that core and half the time stretching the body from a long days work. Stretching is so important and often neglected by the fitness industry, so we make sure your body is looked after with our final class.