Lucy Hagger

Yoga & wellbeing

Who Am I?

I am a Qualified Yoga Teacher with 25 years experience of many different styles & variations of yoga, pilates and class work. My personally designed class Yoga Flow Movement & Meditation is a practical science to promote physical fitness, strength & flexibility. It provides space for mental wellbeing, clarity and calmness of the mind. I believe our Wellbeing and positive mental health is essential to enjoying a full life. I work part time for the NHS as an experienced nurse with many years of hands on health experience. As a qualified & experienced nurse my knowledge of the body system enhances my ability to teach a physical workout safely.

About the classes

My love for sharing the benefits of Yoga Flow Movement & Meditation, has really grown and I have felt inspired to train as a Yoga Teacher so I can focus more of my time and energies on assisting others to come to know yoga and all the health benefits yoga brings.My Yoga Flow Wellbeing Classes include Breath Work, Yoga/Pilates based movement ending in in Relaxation/Meditation. Suitable for all age ranges and levels of ability.

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Journey Well: A Yoga Flow class

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