Lucy Hagger

Yoga & wellbeing

Who Am I?

I am a Qualified Yoga Teacher with 25 years experience of many different styles & variations of yoga, pilates and class work. My personally designed class Yoga Flow Movement & Meditation is a practical science to promote physical fitness, strength & flexibility. It provides space for mental wellbeing, clarity and calmness of the mind. I believe our Wellbeing and positive mental health is essential to enjoying a full life. I work part time for the NHS as an experienced nurse with many years of hands on health experience. As a qualified & experienced nurse my knowledge of the body system enhances my ability to teach a physical workout safely.

About the classes

My love for sharing the benefits of Yoga Flow Movement & Meditation, has really grown and I have felt inspired to train as a Yoga Teacher so I can focus more of my time and energies on assisting others to come to know yoga and all the health benefits yoga brings. I offer a Yoga Flow Wellbeing Class incorporating Breath Work, Yoga/Pilates based movement, Contemplation/Meditation based on Christian Scripture & Creation, for all age ranges and levels of abilities (see class details below).

Wellbeing Classes

Movement & Meditation: a Yoga Flow class 

Movement & Meditation: a Yoga Flow class

Journey Well, Movement & Meditation as Christian Spiritual Practice

 Movement & Meditation: a Yoga Flow class

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