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Holly Little

Holly is a qualified Personal Trainer,  specialising in Pre and Postnatal fitness

Who am I?

I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, specialising in Pre and Postnatal fitness, Mum to one blue eyed boy and wife of a builder.

My aim is to help busy ladies fit fitness in. I totally get the demands of life as a mum and a working lady. I offer a range of classes; 1:1 and group sessions catering for all different needs and helping woman find confidence in their bodies.

I love people and I definitely think it takes a “village to raise a child!” I am a massive advocate for fitness, not just for a healthier body but also a healthier mind.

About the classes

I specialise in Pre and Postnatal Fitness, offering classes in and around Cheltenham. Partnered with The Armoury I run a Monday Motivation class in Trinity Church, 10:30 am – 11:30 am.

We value community, authenticity and laughter, and so because of this Fresh Hope Fitness not only offers physical training, but also socials and spaces so mums can team together, share highs and lows, encourage and support one another on this journey of life!

My vision is to use fitness to create communities of like minded mums, A place where they not only come to get fit, but also have a giggle, share tips, encourage one another and form friendships.